SAY YES TO YOURSELF. I was asked recently to go on a GIRLS TRIP to sunny Florida. My brain immediately went into “obligation mode” and gave me 14 different EXCUSES why I SHOULDN’T GO. The time AWAY...(I should be working). The EXPENSE involved...(I should spend that money elsewhere). The TIMING was wrong...(two busy weeks immediately... Continue Reading →


I am a Life Coach. I am a writer and a public speaker. I am a wife and a daughter and a sister and an aunt. I am a friend. I am a mother to three angel babies. I am an entrepreneur and small business owner. I am able to hear beyond your distracted words.... Continue Reading →


Discount code : KRISCREN10 REAL QUEENS.....OWN their mistakes, make TOUGH DECISIONS, SUMMON their inner STRENGTH...and get “Royal Mail” from London. 👑 Mercury isn’t the only thing in RETROGRADE. (Oy Vay!) In the month of March I have FALLEN, taken TWO steps BACK, DOUBTED myself, WALLOWED in whiny COMPLAINTS, and EATEN every last one of my... Continue Reading →


Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes...we talk ourselves out of the very thing we NEED. As a Forever Miss Kentucky (1995), I was invited to facilitate the on-stage interview portion of the “pageant” last June. Here I am with the lovely Katie Bouchard, @missamericaky (photo credit: Ryan Kendall) I almost didn’t accept this wonderful opportunity. I... Continue Reading →


To reach another level, we must climb; put forth EFFORT to move OUT of one space into another. Keep your eye on the beauty that awaits you. It’s worth the climb. Who you become in the process might amaze you. ❤️ #personaldevelopment #lifecoach #lifecoachforwomen #creativelifecurator #stairs #beauty #bigdreams #uplevel


The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to like them. But DECIDING is the toughest part. We usually know the answers deep’s just covered up by past hurts, old criticisms, and dreams unrealized. There’s work to do. Invest time and attention into yourself, your thoughts, and how you are expressing... Continue Reading →


BE BLUE. Sometimes you feel that way in the winter months. The holidays are over. The excitement of New Years Resolutions is waning. What to do? BE BLUE. Whatever you’re feeling...feel it, acknowledge it, recognize that it’s part of your very human existence...and move OUT. MAKE A DECISION for something DIFFERENT. If your sadness is... Continue Reading →


INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY....came and went. Now, don’t toss the other 364 days away, ladies. WHAT do you WANT for your LIFE? WHERE do you REALLY desire to BE? HOW do you WANT to show up in this WORLD? Let’s have a CHAT. Maybe...just maybe you should WORK with ME. ❤️ #coach #lifecoach #lifecoachforwomen #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth... Continue Reading →


PEEKABOO. I see you, grey hair. I see you, wrinkles. I see you, thinning lashes...and loss of elasticity in my skin...and...and... It’s called LIFE. It’s called AGING. And if you take a closer look in my EYES you’ll see that I really don’t give a damn. Because LIFE keeps getting BETTER. The more YOU LOVE... Continue Reading →

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