At the Crown of Kentucky Gala with reigning Miss Kentucky Katie Bouchard

Discount code : KRISCREN10

REAL QUEENS…..OWN their mistakes, make TOUGH DECISIONS, SUMMON their inner STRENGTH…and get “Royal Mail” from London. 👑

Mercury isn’t the only thing in RETROGRADE. (Oy Vay!)

In the month of March I have FALLEN, taken TWO steps BACK, DOUBTED myself, WALLOWED in whiny COMPLAINTS, and EATEN every last one of my FEELINGS.

Every. Last. One.

No more.

It’s not about being PRETTY…or SKINNY.

It’s about being #JUSTSTRONG.

Because some days…that’s ALL we can manage.

And that…is ENOUGH. ❤️

Giving some side-eye to the BS I tell myself…

*Side Note: best damn workout leggings I have EVER purchased IN MY LIFE!

Tremendous SUPPORT (nothing jiggles), COMFORT (smooth WIDE waistband), and groovy DESIGN (when you’re TIRED of HIDING in ALL BLACK EVERYTHING).


Visit: www.JUSTSTRONG.com

Discount code : KRISCREN10

#bejuststrong #juststrongclothing #juststrong #lifecoach #lifecoachforwomen #personaldevelopment #striveforbetter #progressnotperfection #lifeiscalling

#pageant #forevermisskentucky

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