You Can’t Love Away the Crazy

You remember…

That relationship that made you feel sick to your stomach 68% of the time but you stayed in it because he was “good on paper?” All the boxes were checked: job, education, family, car, attractiveness, blah, blah, blah…but something was so insanely OFF. You couldn’t quite put your finger on it. Yet you stuck around. You stuck around because you were desperate to be loved. Desperate. Say that word out loud, ladies. It actually hurts my throat a little.

You had convinced yourself that no one would ever love you again and this guy just might, so…don’t screw it up. Right?

WRONG. And you know it now. You piled all of your hopes and dreams onto this unsuspecting guy who really wanted companionship (a pretty girl to look at, a date for events, sex) without commitment… and was (maybe) open to more after you hung out for a while. He never knew you were picking out china patterns and naming your future children on the first date. He thought “everything was cool” and you were gaming out the system of “if/then” like there was a world championship ring on the line. “If I do this, then he’ll do that…and then WE will….” STOP IT. Stop it right now.

You can’t control another person. No matter what any given show on BravoTV might tell you. You are in control of you, only. Only you. YOU. So, let’s start with that.

You want love, right? You want to feel appreciated, right? You want to BE SPECIAL….

Then DO IT. DO those things for yourself.  Stop wrinkling up your brow like that. Stop indulging in confusion. DECIDE. Decide to be happy, appreciated, loved, worthy, valued, beautiful, attractive, charming….all the things. DECIDE that you ARE those things. BE those things. Embrace every facet of who you are and you will never feel the need to be VALIDATED by another human being again.

I’ve been there, in those shoes. They are uncomfortable and tight. They may look nice on the outside, but, after awhile…they HURT. They usually end up on the floor in a heap of tears, face-down in pint of Haagen Dazs with screams of “What’s WRONG with me???” ringing in your head.

TAKE THEM OFF. The shoes…the ones you tap dance in…to try to entertain and be pleasant and agreeable and…fill in the blank with all the “shoulds.”

You can’t love away HIS crazy/neurotic/emotionally unavailable/etc… But, you just might be able to love away YOURS. Start today. Better yet, get your ticket to the Love Lab in Louisville and let me and my friend and style coach, Roxanne, help a sister out. There’s an amazing and beautiful life out there waiting to be lived.

It’s yours. GO GET IT!

Seriously, if you’re DONE with the nonsense…then DECIDE to be. Click HERE.

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