FIVE Quick Questions with…ME, Kristie Crenshaw – Creative Life Curator

I decided the best way to introduce who I am and what I do would be to turn the tables and interview myself! I typically use these five quick questions to learn a little more about people in creative industries that I respect or whose work I am curious to know more about. Why not use that as a tool for my readers and potential clients to know more about me?

I am the Chief Life Curator of Creative Life Curator; a coach, speaker, and writer who encourages women to step into their power, identify their values, and create and work towards a vision for their lives that brings them joy and fulfillment. Want to know more? Here we go…

What is the most creative thing about what you do?
It’s different every day…and I love that! I have one-on-one coaching clients that I work with, I write for TOPS Louisville magazine, I have workshops that I’m perfecting for small groups or companies, and I have personal projects in the works; a stage show, a coffee table book, and two other books. I am also actively working with a coach to develop my business, so there are assignments and weekly tasks to help me stretch and grow as a business owner. Invest in yourself and your growth yields exponential dividends.

Facilitating a Vision Board Workshop for a Louisville Company

When did you know that coaching and speaking were the right thing for you?
I think it’s always been there, just under the surface, and I finally gave in! Over 20 years ago, after winning Miss Kentucky, I did a ton of traveling all over the state and spoke frequently. It came very naturally to me. I segued into broadcasting and radio. And then…life, responsibilities, and cross-country moves caused me to lose myself. I’ve freelanced for years while working other jobs that were basic 9 to 5’s…but never found much fulfillment in those jobs. Sure, I could do a lot of things well…but did I really want to? This year, I decided that I would go all-in on myself and create the perfect “job” for me. It is evolving, but I’m driving that evolution…and that’s very exciting!

With my handsome Navy man and love of my life.

What is the biggest misconception about your industry or creative endeavor?
That “creative types” are flakey or too “woo-woo”. I’m very reliable and I have a strong work ethic. I believe in very pragmatic practices to achieve one’s goals. I am influenced by Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Brooke Castillo, Julia Cameron, and Deepak Chopra…to name a few. I love to read and am constantly gleaning something of value from new authors and speakers…and implementing them into tools I use with my clients.

Are you half-way or ALL IN on your LIFE?

What is your greatest obstacle in trying to balance creativity and business?
Creativity IS my business. I won’t have one without the other. There are parts of my work that I enjoy more than others…but I am learning and growing every day; trying new things, creating new experiences for myself, and doing the very work I ask my clients to do. I am my best example of what is possible. At some point, I’ll out-source the tasks I’m not crazy about but when you are just getting started …you wear all the hats!

I like hats. And SNOW.

What’s the next big CREATIVE thing for you or your business?
My coffee-table book! It’s a project I began 3 years ago and it got moved to the back burner (as many projects do). I’m dusting it off and giving it an upgrade. It focuses on the lives of very different women and the roles we play; drawing attention to our similarities rather than our differences. At the end of the day, we all want the same things…food, shelter, and love. The visual imagery associated with each woman, along with excerpts from an interview, will reveal her truth in a way that inspires conversations and connects us. This project has inspired a one-woman-show I’m creating to elevate the experience. It’s very personal to me and I hope that people enjoy it. I hope to partner with a charity to benefit from the proceeds…because the whole point of it is connectedness among women. It’s not just about me.

It’s time to find our voices, ladies…and USE them.

I am currently accepting one-on-one clients and I would love the opportunity to chat with you about what that would look like. Your current circumstances are not set in stone. There are many things you can’t control in this world…but your thoughts and feelings are not on that list. Let’s get a grip on those…your perspective will change, and then you will move absolute mountains.

Lets’s get started. Schedule a complimentary consult call today. Start changing things tomorrow. I can help.

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