Five Quick Questions with Pamela Butler; Business Owner, Makeup Artist and Chicken Lady

I’ve been fortunate enough to know Pam for about eight years. Every time I see her, I’m overcome by her superb giggle, her bright spirit, and how I always feel truly seen by her.  She has a gift. If you are a bride, a professional who needs to spruce up her image, or just a girl with a penchant for lipgloss…Pam is tops in her field in the Louisville area and you should hire her. Her company is The Beauty Patrol  and she’s been the winner of The Best of Weddings Award every single year since 2013 from based upon client reviews. Brides, celebrity clientele, and businesswomen alike have sung her praises.

Photo credit: Seriously Sabrina Photography

She makes some fantastic homemade jelly (which I’ve coined “Pam Jam”) and would be lost without her family, her dogs, and her chickens.  She’s an original for sure and highly skilled at what she does. As a professional she uses products that are vegan, gluten-free, and do not test on animals.  She’s experienced in photography, film, runway, commercial, and television (she’s worked for NBC and TLC).

So, lets’s have a chat, shall we?

The Butlers do Derby

1.What is the most creative thing about what you do?

Working with clients to select proper products and colors that suite their skin and desired results. I also learned how to accomplish a vision from the client or photographer by simple investigation and visual inspiration. Sometimes the creative part is learning how to use social media as a platform to attract more clients.

Photo credit: Ben Marcum Photography

2. When did you know that (your profession) was the right thing for you?

When I wasn’t a makeup artist I was a broker, I loved artistry even when it wasn’t my only profession. Being a broker taught me a lot about business but it did not feed me creatively, even though it fed me monetarily.

I tried the corporate thing and it worked for a few years but I always knew it wasn’t my comfort zone, professionally speaking. I had this crazy artistic Great Aunt (Lily Ann) who lived next door to my Grandma. She was from California and would let the kids paint her windows, walls and anything else for fun. She wore lots of jewelry with crazy hair and makeup….I thought she was the coolest old lady ever.

As a child I would write poems, cut my sister’s hair and talk to animals. I’m sure that makes me sound like an artist in some sense. Creativity comes with some form of being unusual and I think I understood that at an early age with Lily Ann. I wanted to be like her but more importantly I wanted to be admired (for being creative).

Big Eyes

3. What is the biggest misconception about your industry or creative endeavor?

That we can’t be successful on art alone. I see so many people in my industry struggle to be both an artist and a business person. It’s a delicate balancing act of being smart enough to thrive and creative enough to feed your soul.

She loves her grandkids and her chickens. The dogs are around somewhere…

4.What is your greatest obstacle in trying to balance creativity and business?

Obstacles are not an option for me. I can find a solution. I like a challenge and one of those is competing with “non professionals” who undercut industry standard pricing or someone who under charges or doesn’t charge at all for services. Many non-pros do this to feed their need to create but end up hurting the very thing they aspire to be once they leave their “normal job.”  I have learned that setting a good example for others in the creative community and forming a team whose work I believe in is worth the investment.

The source of her strawberry jalapeño “Pam Jam”

5. What’s the next big CREATIVE thing for you or your business:

I want to target more luxury-focused brides by offering more services to our clients; including pre-wedding appointments for spa services (facials, brow grooming, manicures , massages and hair treatments). I also want to expand our market to brides outside of our normal service areas. On the non-bridal side I am always looking to work with more photographers and other creative organizations.

The Beauty Patrol

Pam has surrounded herself with some of the best talent in the Louisville area. And they are eager to work with her because she’s a leader that’s done the work and creatively excelled. She’s got 24 years under her belt with corporate cosmetic leaders such as MAC, Estee Lauder, Christian Dior, Lancome, and Too Faced. You can book Pamela or her super-talented staff here. Just be prepared to look good and have a fantastic time doing it.

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